Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Month of Madness!

I have had the busiest month of my life this month! Since the beginning of november I have (starting at the beginning):
  • Friday (11th) - Travelled from home 2.5 hours to my aunts (C)
  • Saturday (12th) - Another hour to my other aunt's (P) house and did an entire day of shopping, back to P's house for food and a movie and then back to the C's house that night (an hour drive)
  • Sunday (13th) - More shopping around town (Jysk, Picards, TSC and more) to get more Christmas gifts and then watching a Vampire Diaries marathon with C
  • Monday (14th) - Did not leave the house but went over all my purchases so far and figured out what else I needed to get.  Went through flyers and made lists of where I needed to go
  • Tuesdsay (15th) - More shopping!  Ended up at Chapters, Walmart, an Outlet Mall (Lego outlet), A normal Mall (Zelllers, Shoppers, Bath & Body Works  and a few small kiosks)
  • Wednesday (16th) - C had the day off of work so we went out of town and headed to Costco, the Lindt Outlet and a nice old fashioned family type of toy store
  • Thursday (17th) - Headed over to my friends place (about an hour away) for the afternoon and evening getting to meet her new son and see her adorable daughter.  Stayed for supper and a while longer before heading back to C's
  • Friday (18th)  - Took a family friend out to look at and purchase a new laptop and all the fixins :) Found her a good deal (got one last Christmas gift in as well), took her home and set it all up for her so it was ready and working for her to play with the next day (it was late by the time I left)
  • Saturday (19th) - Was going to have a lazy day but my dad called around noon and told me that he decided to go home that day instead of the next day and that they would be at the house in about 20 minutes and wanted me all packed up and ready to go!  Drove the 2.5 hours home, unpacked everything, showed mom all that I had got and took a nap as I was exhausted.  Got an early night as I knew the next day would be 'tricky'
  • Sunday (20th) - Mom woke me up becuase there was a lot of activity going on at our neighbour's house directly across the street from us.  For 2+ hours we watched police, ambulances, first respone teams, coroners and finally the funeral home go in and out of the house.  The man across the street had a heart attack and died and the wife found him when she and her sister got home.  Dad made sure to head straight over and just walk by all the cops so that he could go in and be with J (we know them pretty well as dad has helped their son out in many ways and they did raise their grandkids for a few years so many conversations had been had, plus that is just the type of man my dad is).  The death was sad but not totally unexpected and J will most likely be under a lot LESS stress now that he is gone (and dad has made sure that she calls him for anything that she may need help with or invited her over to watch TV at night if she is lonely, or whatever we can do).  After all that my brother, his gf and her daughter (J) came out for a joint bday party for J and my mom.  The GF however had perfume on (apparently she had put perfume on before going to 'work' the night before and had worn the same shirt) so that caused a LOT of problems as I do not tolerate scents at all anymore (strangely cologne and perfume are big no-no's but body sprays are okay - I am thinking it's the alcohol) and I had a very rough time with it and wasn't even sure if I would be able to have supper (she had to change, couldn't come near me, had to rearrange the supper table etc).  Managed to stick it out (albeit not happily as they have been told repeatidly about this issue - maybe they will finally listen now) but just about lost it when my brother tried to give K moral adivce.  I just got up and left and stayed in my room until they left as I was so mad!
  • Monday (21st) - Volunteered at K's school with the book fair from 9 - 1, came home and crashed for a few hours then back at the school at 3:30 until 6ish.
  • Tuesday (22nd) - Volunteered at K's school with the book fair from 9 - 1, came home and crashed for a few hours then back at the school at 3 until 6:30
  • Wednesday (23rd) - Took a day 'off' trying to recover and gain some strength for the upcoming weekend
  • Thursday (24th)  - Had to organize stuff to go away for the weekend.  Took K to karate and then we stopped to do a bit of shopping on the way home so we could pick up a card and small gift (chocolates) for my parents anniversary (44 years) the next day.  Then had to gather up all the dog's stuff so mom and I could take them out to the kennel first thing friday morning
  • Friday (25th) - Had to wake up early so we could have the dogs at the kennel for 9am, drove back home, packed up my stuff for the weekend and then headed into town (20 minute drive) to go to my doctor's appointment (see next post).  Came back home, loaded up the van and we were off for the 2.5 hour trip back to C's house.  Had a lovely arguement with my father in the car and was almost in tears from it but that's another story.  Got there and C and her husband ordered in chinese for my parents anniversary then settled in and watched some TV and rested
  • Saturday (26th) - Got up and showered and then headed from C's house the hour long drive to P's house for dad's side of the family's Christmas get together.  Did presents (kids only), supper and got to talk to a cousin I rarely see but was really close to when we were kids then loaded back up into the car and back the hour long drive to C's house.  Watched some TV then got to bed early for the next day
  • Sunday (27th) - Got up real early, packed up the truck and headed back home (2.5hours) got home and I crawled into bed to have a nap.  Got up around 1 and got ready and out the door for my dad's employer's childrens christmas party.  Had a great time, lots of food, lots of kids activities and got to talk to people I hadn't seen in a while.  Left there around  4:30 and stopped at the Bulk Store to pick up a few items and back home (again about a 20 minute drive).  On the way home I started to feel really sick and by the time we got home I was very very close to throwing up.  Quickly got in my PJ's and crawled into bed. Mom gave me two gravol, got me a drink and set up a bucket beside my bed.  Pretty muched stayed there all night
  • Monday (28th) - Woke up still feeling really sick so stayed in bed most of the day.  Had to get my mom to go to my doctor's to get a medication refill for me as I was too sick to leave the house.  Started feeling better late afternoon and moved to the couch where I stayed for the evening before heading back to bed
And that dear readers is my november month of madness in point form :D