Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bone Scan - February 4th

So this test was all set out really fast!  I saw my GP on Thursday afternoon, got a call Friday for an apt and was in for the test Monday morning.  I touched on this in my post about going to my GP, my rheumy had a handful of tests that he liked repeating on a consistant basis (bone scan, dexa scan, neck x-rays/MRI's and lots of different blood work).  Mainly his goal (which I loved!) was to look for problems before they started. This is how we found out about the osteoporosis so quickly.  He believed that we knew what was going to occur in the future (osteoporosis, auto-immune problems, disc changes in my neck) and it was better to have a base line test and keep a close watch to see if anything started to show changes.  At this point I had not had a bone scan* different test that I always make sure that for any type of scan I wear yoga pants & a sports bra so that there is absolutely nothing metallic that can interfere (I haven't had to put on a hospital gown in years :D). So I go into the room and already know that something is different this time as instead of just sitting in a chair she has me get up on the bed and get all comfy with pillows and supports and stuff. Once I am comfortable she then brings out the metal case with the dye in it. I give her the 'my veins are...' spiel so she says she will put in an IV start first and then put the dye through that.  She used the vein on the back of my right hand and got it in on the very first try!!  She then starts up the machine and explains to me that this first test will show if there is any blood pooling in areas of the body.  It was a short test maybe 15 minutes and then I was on my way for the next few hours.  Thankfully she told me that I was to be back at 1pm instead of the 4pm time slot I was initially given!

We did our normal thing, went out and got some breakfast at McD's (I love their hash browns and their egg McMuffins remind me of my times at university. I only get this 'meal' if I have early morning doctor's appointments / tests).  We did some shopping and just killing time, all the while I had a bottle of water with me and I had to have drank at least 1.5 liters before going back to the hospital! (They want you to drink lots so the dye gets circulated through your body)

We got back to the hospital and I was taken right into the scan room.  She got me up and comfy on the bed and we discussed that I had EDS and what areas I am having problems with (ugh, everything!!!) and which injuries I have had (dislocations / sprains etc).  I had been concerned as I figured my GP would have ordered just the normal scan where my old rheumy would always ask specifically for hand and wrist scans as well.  I had nothing to be concerned about!  All in all she did seven separate scans. 1) Full Body; 2) Ankles; 3) Feet; 4) Neck & Head - right view; 5) Neck & Head - left view; 6) Left Elbow & Wrist; 7) Right Elbow & Wrist.

We were all done and out of the hospital a little over an hour later with the 'warning' that I was not allowed to leave the country for 72 hours lol (That part always freaks me out a bit, but also is quite funny). I was quite achey for a few days afterwards but that could have been from the dye, the increased pain from lying still so long or a combination of the two but keeping on top of things definitely over ranks a few achey days!

* There are two types of bone scans, ones that just take pictures a few hours later or the three phase one that I had. According to Wikipedia the three phase test is for:

"If the physician wants to evaluate for osteomyelitis (bone infection) or fractures, then a Three Phase/Triphasic Bone Scan is performed where 20-30 minutes of images (1st and 2nd Phases) are taken during the initial injection. The patient then returns in 2-3 hours for additional images (3rd Phase)."

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bad Week

Well I have two entries to write out but I just haven't got to them yet. The first is about having a bone scan and then a recap of my appointment with my cardio / GI / internist that went well. Basically we came up with something that is giving me a LOT more energy. However that has it's down fall too. This last week has been hectic:

Friday - Working at nephew's book fair then over to a friend's place for 'Girl's Night'
Saturday & Sunday - Not feeling well, mom tells me I should stop working the book fairs as they always end up with me getting sick and maybe we shouldn't keep pressing my luck and get me real sick.
Monday - Working at nephew's book fair
Tuesday - Getting some things done around the house
Wednesday - Tutoring for 2 hours, out for supper, some shopping and a movie with mom
Thursday - Went shopping in the states until 2, had a nap then my friend came over for a few hours in the evening
Friday - A small amount of shopping with mom (had to pick up some things at a store that is going out of business)
(Plus tomorrow I am going to my friend's house for "Girl's Night" and Sunday to her parents house for her family birthday dinner)

It's amazing to have energy but the problem was that before I would always end up exhausted before the pain set in so I had to rest before hurting myself. Now I have energy so I just keep going and it's leading to a lot of pain problems. Wednesday night at the theatre I was so close to crying in the theatre I was in so much pain, even after a double dose of breakthrough meds!

Then today mom and I had to go to the store to get some towels (One of my Christmas presents from my parents was that they are going to redo my bathroom in a zebra pattern) but the store closes in a week so wanted to get it while I could. Then mom informs me that she has some grocery shopping to do as well. By the time she was ready to check out I had to go sit on the bench and wait for her. Got home and crawled back into bed. Was in too much pain to sleep but it was the only way I could be bearable. Lying in my warm waterbed was the only way to get comfortable.  Then tonight I don't know what was going on but I had my pain meds and had a heating pad on my lower back, up to my mid back then shoulders than neck and now back down to my lower back.

I am getting very down about the amount of pain. I finally have energy but I am in so much pain I can't enjoy it :( My breakthrough meds are useless, I might as well be eating tic-tac's and unfortunately my doctor will not prescribe the other breakthrough meds that I usually rotate with so I am taking at least one pill a day now with it doing barely anything and advil only helps slightly with some of the muscle pain. I don't want to increase the dosage of my long acting meds but I don't know what else I can do :(