Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aug 22nd - Internist/GI/Cardio Appointment

Internist Appointment
August 22nd - I saw my internist/cardio/GI and was slightly worried about this because I have been asking her for years if my thyroid was off but she kept testing it and telling me it was fine. Well after the major change in numbers, I am on thyroid medication. I went in and we discussed my beta blocker and she agreed to switch me to a new one and set a dose but told me I could increase it from 1/2 pill to a full pill if I needed to do so as she knows I have my own BP machine at home and do keep very good track of it myself and know when something needs to be increased or decreased. We then got on to the thyroid and she said she would have liked a repeat test before putting me on medication then asked if it was helping and I told her that it most definitely was and she just sat back for a minute and said that 'with me' she probably would have started the medication instantly as well. She then said that with me, we have already learned that even a small change in testing values can cause a very large change in my health. She asked about the anti-biotics and my stomach and I told her that it seems to still be working but I do have to occasionally (every 2-3 months) stop taking the medication for a week, then start it again to avoid tolerance. She was more than happy with this and told me to just keep doing what I was doing and let her know if changes needed to be named.

Since Then - I did have to change the beta blocker and after a few days of mis-communication with the office we got the medication dosage changed. I went off the anti-biotics for a few days as tolerance was starting to happen. However, I had a lot of stomach issues those few days. I was bloated, gained 5lbs and felt so 'full' that I barely ate anything and was on the way to getting sick. I quickly started taking the medication again and I instantly lost those 5lbs and the problems stopped. So I might have to ask the doctor if there is another medication in the same family that I could switch to instead of doing an on-off pattern with the one I have now