Thursday, November 7, 2013

Long overdue!!

Wow! It's been so long since I updated! Seems like so much has happened and gone on yet nothing has happened or gone on. Do you know what I mean? I have had three different doctor's appointments (and a few small doctor's office visits). I was going to include all of them in this one post but then it would be way too long so I will just link up the entries and post the appointments on the day that they happened.  So here they are:

August 22nd - Appointment with my Internist / GI / Cardio

October 28th - Appointment with my GP

November 4th - Appointment with Optometrist

I promise I will update sooner rather than later and do a general update not tied to doctor appointments!

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4th - Optomitrist Appointment

It has been three years since my last appointment and getting glasses and I knew that I was way overdue for testing.  Even with my glasses on I have trouble seeing things (mainly the guide on the TV) even though my close vision and driving seemed fine.  What a hassle it was though!  With ODSP I am covered for eye exams when I bring my medical card, however I had already handed it in to my pharmacist so the 'eye office' had to call the pharmacy and have them send a faxed copy of it for them.  Thankfully my pharmacy really knows me well so it was sent almost instantly.

I did the exam and gave the doctor a brief recap of EDS and eyes (she was the only doctor who knew what EDS was before seeing me!).  She said that she really didn't like my pressure readings (one was 23.75 the other 24) and wanted to get me some other tests diagnosed and asked if EDS had any bearings on glaucoma.  I told her that I had read it could be related and would look into it and then mentioned that my dad has glaucoma.  When I said that she called the front desk and had them get other tests set up for me to do that day :(

We did all the tests and both eyes had deteriorated.  She said it was kind of odd as generally she only sees that happen in the teenage years and by my age usually the readings don't change that drastically.  Both eyes need the prescriptions to increase a full level (so four quarter levels!).  She then sounded shocked that she could see everything in my eyes and didn't even need to dilate my pupils.  That that was also something that generally only happened in people much younger than me.  She said I had very large pupils and that is why I have so many problems with sunlight.  She told me to get some really good sun glasses, I might have to find out how I can go about getting prescription sunglasses if I also need everyday glasses as well.  I don't know what is covered or what I can get covered.

Good news - My eyes are pretty much the ONLY part of my body that is not being affected by my EDS!  Yay! I have no signs of any of the things that can go wrong which is great to hear!!

I then had to go do a field of vision test which was horrible!  The eye tech would have my chin in the cup thing and she would adjust it without warning! My neck hasn't been the same since! (Seriously it was / is quite bad :( ).  Apparently I tested "borderline" on that test as well so I have to go back in 6 months.

Then at the desk getting everything figured out they tell me that the test I had just done was going to cost me $40 and ODSP didn't cover it.  I asked if my form for OHIP coverage would cover it and she said yes but they had no such form!  I told them I had it filled in and brought it in a few years ago (they last 5 years) and they said that the had no way to do it.  She asked who did it and said she would call the office, I tell her it was years ago and they had changed filing (paper to electronic) and not sure if it would still be there - their response? "If it was filled out then it has to be in your chart" I didn't reply asking why they didn't keep the old one in my chart.  So they called the doctor and he said he would do the paper work and send it in.

Since Then - I got a call the next day from the 'eye office' and they told me that my GP had sent the form so it was covered and oh yeah, we found your old form, then hastily told me it was expired (not so sure of that myself!).  So I go again in 6 months to see if I have glaucoma :(