My Doctors

I try not to use full names in my posts just to keep it private, but I thought I should make up a list with the current doctor's abbreviated names with what they actually are to me.  Only three of these doctor's perscribe medications and all are in their field.  If you think you are from my area and looking for information feel free to email me.

Dr. B -> Family Physician - All other medications
Dr. W -> Rheumatologist - Pain medications
Dr. C -> Internist & Cardiologist - Heart medications
Dr. M -> Dentist / Dental Surgeon
Dr. L -> Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. D -> Optomitrist
Dr. K -> Neurologist

Add to this I have seen: 1 other cardiologist, 1 other neurologist, 1 other FP, 2 other rheumatologists, 2 other dental surgeons, a podiatrist, an allergist, a dermatologist and 6 other orthopedic surgeons.  Also I have seen countless physiotherapists, hydrotherapists, occupational therapists and I am probably missing some specialties.  These are what I can remember just off the top of my head!