Sunday, June 22, 2014

Non Health Related Update

The biggest thing that has happened since my last point in January is that my nephew broke his arm. Ironically he broke it playing dodgeball at school. He plays dodgeball 4 times a week at karate! He had an above the elbow cast for four weeks then a short one to his elbow (but restricted angles above 180*) for three. During this time they had their big school trip doing so many things but thankfully it all went well and he didn't miss out on anything.

I have a tutoring job that is a long term 'job' now. The mom wants me to stay on through the summer and have him prepped for his next years curriculum. It works out great! The family is so great and down to earth(invite me to stay for supper three times now) and the kid is picking things up so much faster. There is a major difference between him when we started and now. Very rewarding!

Not a big deal but I got carded buying a lottery ticket! You have to be 18, I'm 32! And it wasn't a "everyone gets carded" type of place. When she looked at my ID she was taken aback and said "Oh, well don't you look young" lol

More has happened but as it is 4:30 am I should really attempt some sleep!

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