Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Fun Part 3 - Time With Family

We always make sure to spend at least a week up at my grandma's house.  She and both of my cousins (and their families) all live in the same townhouse co-op so the family is all nice and close.  My aunt and her fiance / common-law / boyfriend live about half an hour away from all of them.  As in the last post, we had planned that we were going to head to Wonderland on the Thursday but that was part way through our trip.  At the time we didn't realize it, but this was our summer vacation as the news we got when we returned home made it clear that no other traveling would be happening.  For simplicity I will name the 'nicknames' for the family.  Nan is nan obviously and she is my mom's mother (my only grandparent left actually and we make sure to see her multiple times a year), My aunt is my mothers younger sister and we will call her AD (we will call her partner UK).  My cousin J is the oldest and CK is the youngest. D1 and D2 are CK's two children.  Both cousin's are married but we barely saw them this trip so I don't need to give them labels.

On monday night, I took S back to the train station then did a few small errands around town before heading home.  I was planning on packing on Tuesday morning but kept thinking of things to add to my 'to-pack' list so I just gave up and got out of bed and packed up my suitcase and just left my 'catch-all / carry-on' back for the morning.  I got up early on Tuesday and helped mom pack all the last minute items and made sure that K had all the stuff that he would need for the car ride (which was around 4 hours in length).  We stopped at the Tim Horton's about 20 minutes into the trip to get Iced Cap's (Lemonade for K) and a bunch of donuts for the ride.  We decided against our normal lunch stop at the half-way mark and instead made out lunch stop about half an hour later.  We just got out to walk around a bit and got some McD's to eat in the car (the restaurant was packed and the van was air-conditioned).  Finally about half an hour before our destination we stopped at "Hi-Berry Market" and got some fresh strawberries, mini potatoes and a bunch of fresh corn on the cob.  We got there slightly before supper time and since Nan didn't know when  we would be there (we didn't either) we just went over to Zehrs and got a breaded chicken special and a few items that we needed to get for that night.  Nothing else was really done that night, K went off and played with his cousins and we just sat around talking.  Had a pretty early night as we were all quite tired from the drive up (why does traveling take so much energy?)

I had planned on doing absolutely nothing on Wednesday so that I could rest up and 'prepare' for Wonderland the next day.  Instead we quickly realized that I had forgotten to pack a tank top and over shirt and K had forgotten his old running shoes to wear in the water park area.  So somehow a trip that was just supposed to be me, mom, nan and K turned out to include all of us four plus both cousins and the two boys so we had 8 people total who all had to get different things.  We ended up splitting up with K and me going to find me some shirts and K some shoes, my CK taking her two boys to get hair cuts, mom and nan to do some grocery shopping for nan and J headed off to find some things she needed as well.  It didn't go to bad surprisingly and I was able to get everything I needed.  We got home and J and I (as well as CK) started discussing everything we needed to take (she didn't even think of taking the boys health cards just in case!).  We made lots of lists, got a cooler, froze water bottles and packed snack foods for the next day and all tried to get an early night.  Of course I have already posted what happened on the Thursday when we went to Wonderland.

Obviously Friday was always going to be a write-off as I was in so much pain and so tired.  It was today that mom and I learned that CK is most likely on quite a deal more 'medication' than she actually is on.  She came in mid-day and was very obviously stoned.  A few other times this week mom and I just looked at each other like 'they are all delusional to think this is normal'.  I actually didn't even get dressed until just before supper and that was only because I found out that my great aunt and uncle were coming over for a visit to see mom and I so I figured the least I could do was put on some normal clothes lol.  It had been about a year and a half since we had seen them so we had a good catch up and conversation.  They talked about how my mom's cousin was really sick with brain and lung cancer and how horrible it was (she later did pass away soon after we got home from nan's place).  CK came over that evening and told me it was her husband's company picnic the next day at Storybook Gardens and wanted to know if K and I wanted to go (of course we won't mention that she had no way to get there if I said no).  I wasn't too sure as I didn't really want to be alone with her all day but when mom asked if she could go as well as I might not be good for driving (had dislocated it that day) it sounded great.

The picnic was to start around 11 on Saturday so I got to sleep in a little bit at least.We had a pretty good day.  There was a treasure hunt type of game and the whole day was based on super heroes.  They had a pile of food - hamburgers, sausage, hot dog and chicken; every salad you could think of; lots of cookies and bars and any type of drink you could want.  We all played a game of mini golf (which I won :D), walked around and saw all of the animals in the small zoo (donkeys, monkeys, llamas and a bunch more, nothing exotic but still exciting enough for the kids) and then the boys went on a few different amusement park rides (K went on a scrambler type and a Ferris wheel).  We then headed back to the front so we could get the water stuff and it started to rain.  Thankfully it did not last long and during that time we ended up getting some fries for the kids to share.  Once the rain past we got all the stuff and headed to the back of the park where they had three different slides.  They were all too big for the smallest slide but were able to go on the other and did so for about an hour or so before we headed back to Nans.  We had plans the next day to go to the beach so just spent another low-key night sitting out front and talking while watching the kids play badminton in the parking lot area.

Mom let me sleep in for a while on Sunday as well and then woke me up when nan was ready to go!  I got up very quickly and jumped in the shower and very quickly packed up my zebra bag with stuff I would need for the day.  The beach is about half an hour away without traffic, and being a Sunday there was traffic.  We passed by a McD's on the way so mom went through and got all the boys something to eat and drink which thankfully kept them quiet most of the way (we were packed in, four adults and three kids, all the boys had to sit in the back bench together).  We got there shortly after lunch and everyone was there (except for J and CK's husbands who were working) and we just sat around talking for a while and then got organized as to who was going to go to the beach.  CK tried to get out of it but AD said no, they are your kids blah blah blah.  So it ended up being mom, me, AD, CK and the three boys.  We stayed at the beach for a few hours then headed back to AD's house for a BBQ supper and then left around 7:30ish.  The ride home was trying as the three boys would not behave went from extremes of asking them nicely to stop all the way to yelling at them and CK threatening hers with telling their dad.  Finished the day same as the others with sitting outside talking and watching the kids.

Nothing happened on Monday.  Mom wanted to do some cleaning things for nan as no one up there will help out with it, mom even got CK's husband to come over and re-do her dining room table as it was getting quite wobbly and nan depended on it to get up and down so needed that fixed.  She also got him to look at the dryer as it was getting so hot and they were worried it was a fire hazard.  Turns out the tube from the back of the dryer to vent outside had come undone and was just venting in to the apartment.  We finished the day off with mom, nan, me and the three boys watched "Johnny English" on DVD.  Tuesday was the day we left and was as uneventful as the way up.  Stopped at "Hi-Berry Farms" again to get strawberries, pickling cucumbers, corn, dill, garlic and some tomatoes.  Talked most of the way home about things that had gone on and our opinions on other things, got home mid-afternoon but K said he was too tired to go to karate that night.  Slept for a few days afterwards but all in all it was a pretty good trip.  The news we got after made things get tricky.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Fun Part 2 - Wonderland

I have always wanted to take K to Wonderland, and thankfully things worked out so well this summer that not only did I get the chance to take him there, it also worked out that we went with other family members.  My cousin (J) and her sisters two sons who are my cousins (D1 who is 14.5 and D2 is 11.5) along with myself and K (who is 10.5 - we had all Christmas babies!), were able to get there when we had been up in their area (about 3.5 hours from where we live).  We had planned some things in advance - as in J was going to do the driving because I couldn't, at minimum I would be taking the younger kids to the "Dinosaurs Alive" park, we were going to spend a few hours at "Splash Works" and were going to take food with us to try and save some money.  Once we got to OS (where my extended family lives) and J and I got together, we had to do a bit of shopping the day before and then got packed the night before we left.  We planned that instead of us carrying all of our bathing suits and towels around all day that we would just keep them in the van and just carry what we needed then we could just pop out to the van (I have a handicap parking permit) before and after the water park to change items.  D1 had just been there with his school trip and informed us that they no longer allowed you to bring food into the park.  So instead I came up with the idea to just take a pile of snack food for the kids to eat on the way there, we could grab snack items while at the van after the water park and then the kids would have snacks for the ride home at night and we could just go together and get a late lunch / early supper while we were there.  I packed up the bag of stuff for K and I (water bottles we could refill, electrolyte juice mix, sunscreen, money, iPod, cell phone and other miscellaneous items that we might need.

So we left OS at 7am to head out and stopped at the Tim Horton's to get our breakfast and caffeine before we headed out on the venture (I got an Iced Cap and a Sour Cream glazed donut, K got an Ice Lemonade and Double Chocolate donut).  Just as we were leaving the parking lot we got a call that my cousins had forgotten their shoes and stuff for the water park.  So we went back to get those and started out again.  I don't know what I had thought, but I didn't realize it was a good 2.5 hour drive from OS to get there! We had to make a quick detour so J could stop at a bank to get some money out and then got to the park and found a nice close parking spot around 9:45am.  We took our time sorting out what had to go in each backpack (we had two one for me and one for J), making sure all the kids (and me!) were coated in sunscreen and got in line to get in to the park at 10.  We got into the park and got some maps and decided that we would just start in the one corner and make our way around the park.  The first thing we had to do though was to get K and D2 measured so that we knew what colour rides they could go on.  Even though there is only about an inch between the two we didn't really worry about it until the kids came back to us and K had an orange wrist strap on and D2 had purple.  They somehow managed to be in two different height categories!!  We didn't make a big deal of it though as D2 is pretty sensitive about his height.  The first non-roller coaster ride that we got to the two younger ones wanted to go on it.  So while K and D2 were on the "Spinovator" J and I made the choice that we might as well split up as the younger ones didn't want to do roller coasters much but wanted to see the dinosaur park where D1 didn't care about the dinosaurs but wanted to go on roller coasters.  We had each other's cell phone numbers and said we would stay in contact through text messages and that we could meet up in the early afternoon and regroup and figure up where we were going to go from there.  The kids wanted to try at least one roller coaster so we decided that "The Fly" would be the mellowest and least scary of rides. The boys were quite happy and excited to go on the ride right up until the last minute.  We go to get in the cart and the attendant said that I had to sit with D2.  So K was in the front seat by himself with the bag (that the attendant said was fine and didn't have to be left on the deck!) and D2 and I were in the backseat.  We hadn't even got to the top of the first hill and both boys were deciding that they no longer wanted to be on the ride!!  So I had one hand on K's shoulder in the front seat and my other arm around D2 in the back beside me and half way through the ride I her J and D1 calling me because the water bottle that was attached to our backpack had fallen out and was dragging along the track!  Well that ended up making me very very anxious!!  I had always thought the roller coasters weren't going to be a good idea for me because my joints but I never even thought of the POTS.  I swear my heart rate was at least 200bpm and I was shaking like a leaf while having to 'console' two kids who now hated roller coasters.  I had almost got them convinced to go on another ride right after that but they wouldn't have it so at that point I just basically gave up on the idea of going on rides and figured we would just get to the main attraction for them.

We headed to the back of the park and found "Dinosaurs Alive".  It was this big area and had over 40 life sized anamatronic dinosaurs in different situations.  It was at this point that I realized that J not only had D2's water bottle but she also had all of his money.  So I paid for the admission for all three of us (only $6 for the park and the 3D movie after) and we had a really really good time.  It was amazing to see just how big (and in some, how small) the dinosaurs were.  It was very very fun.  At the end of it was the souvenir store, the "Dinostore" so of course we all got some items.  I bought a magnet, a sand-art logo thing and was able to get four rolled pennies (I collect these from where ever I see them, have some from Florida, Baltimore, Toronto Zoo etc).  K also decided to buy his 'big' souvenir from her and got a glow-in-the-dark t-shirt as well as a key chain and a sand-art.  D2 wanted to buy a t-shirt too so I told him to call J and ask her (I was not going to be responsible for what he bought!) and while talking to J we figured out where to meet up again.  We met up just outside the "Action Theater" to watch "Dinosaurs 3D" (which J and D1 had to pay $3 each for admission).  It was okay but not as good as we thought it would be.  It was more educational than fun but still had really good 3D effects.  We come to find out at this point that J and D1 had eaten lunch before meeting up, and since we were at the far end of the park, K and I got some french fries and split a sprite at "Hot Potato".  We then quickly ducked into the "Snoopy Boutique" were I got a t-shirt for brothers ex-fiance's daughter (obviously didn't know of the split then) and K got this pretty cool pop gun.  We checked out our map and found out that a bunch of the shows were going to start soon so we decided to go to that area so we could catch a few.  At this point I figured it would be a good idea to get out some more money (had planned on using my debit card mostly but it was much easier with cash) so while D1 was on a quick ride with the younger ones watching I popped over to the arcade to quickly get some money.

We got back to the front of the park and went to the "Wonderland Theatre" at 3:30 to watch the show. "Cirque Ambiente" was amazing.  They had contortionists, jugglers, bike tricks, roller blade tricks and just a lot more.  It was really good and I think that after seeing it the kids actually liked it (they hadn't wanted to see the show but J and I insisted lol).  We were back in the area we started the day out at so K and D2 wanted on the "Spinovater" again.  J waited for them while D1 and I headed to check out the arcade for prices and prizes.  We decided it was too much but I did find another penny rolling machine.  We headed back and decided to stay in the area because the other show that we wanted to see was going to be on in about 30 minutes.  So I went and found a good place to sit in "Arthur's Bay" while J went and got  some of us ice cream at "Dairy Queen" and D1 watched K and D2 when they went on the "Spinovator" yet again.  We had pretty good seats and all really enjoyed the show "Kinet-X" which was a lot of high diving stunts mixed in with a good deal of martial arts that K was really impressed with.  At this point (almost 5pm) we decided that we should head out to the van and get our stuff to go to the water park.  We made one quick stop at this really cool kiosk in the medieval area then out to the van.  We quickly changed our bags over and put on sandals (instead of running shoes) and headed back in to the park.  We made a quick stop at the ride called "Backlot Stunt Coaster" but the line was quite long and no one wanted to wait which sucked as it was the one ride that I was looking forward too.

We got back to "Splash Works" and got one locker at "Splash Surf Shop" and got changed into our bathing suits.  I was quite surprised as K took his shirt off, he hasn't been doing that lately as he thinks he is too skinny (which he is but not unhealthy and we don't focus on it).  Ahead of time I had told K that we probably would only go on one slide together as I wouldn't be able to do all the stairs but at that point he didn't really care about the water park as he had got a scare on the little slide at the water park in our hometown.  We found a little free area on the grass and dropped off our towels and sandals and decided to go on the ride closest to us first.  We got our inner tubes and climbed all the stairs to the top of "Whirlwinds", this was when D2 and K were getting nervous.  D1 had no fears and went down first and then I suggested that maybe J should go down too and that way there was an adult down there to catch them and one up on the deck (me) to get them down.  It took a good five minutes but after all the "I'll do it if he does its" D2 finally stepped in the water and the attendant and I were quick to get him down before he had a chance to back out lol then K went down fine after that with my following him.  We then all decided to go on the "Lazy River" so all got in our inner tubes and gently floated through the water park so the kids could see all the different slides.  When we got to the end we had a a problem, or I had a problem.  I did not have enough strength in my legs to push myself out of the tube and there was nothing to grab onto so I could pull out of the tube so I ended up falling over the side, nudging my 'good' kneecap out of place and scraping the knee quite roughly.  We basically split up again and J and D2 kept doing laps in the lazy river while K, D1 and I headed over to the "Barracuda Blaster" which was awesome!  Slight issues as the lady at the bottom of the slide told D1 that you got the inner tubes at the top of the slide (which of course was wrong) so K and I ended up in a partially deflated tube and then once we got out of the basin part of the slide we ended up backwards down the last tube!  At the bottom instead of even trying to struggle out of the tube I just flipped over. When I came up above water K had wide eyes asking "Nini are you okay?!?!".  After that ride I knew that I couldn't safely do anymore stairs so after quite a talk with D1 I let him and K head off to go on other slides.  I managed to meet up with J and D2 and they were going to do one more slide so I told them I would meet up with them at "Whitewater Bay" when they were done.  We stayed there for a while then decided to head back to our towels as the water park was going to be closing soon.  When we got back K and D1 weren't back yet so J and D2 went on Whirlwinds again while I waited for everyone to get back.  K and D1 got back to the towel and rattled off what they had gone on (Body Blast x2, Riptide Racer, Super Soaker and Blackhole) and once J and D2 got back we went back to "Splash Surf Shop" to get changed before heading back out to the van once again.

After switching out our backpacks again (and switching to a long sleeved shirt for me and D1) we decided that it was time to get some supper (it was about 7:30) and figured the easiest and cheapest thing to do was to just get a large pizza and split it.  Well I knew K wouldn't eat pizza so we made a quick stop at "International Gelato & Gourmet Popcorn" where I got K some salt & vinegar popcorn (D1 got dill pickle) and then we went over to "Ristorante Pizza Pizza" and bought a large pepperoni and "Fresh Squeezed Lemonade" for some strawberry lemonade (pop for K)  and was surprised when K downed two whole slices of pizza (yay I got him back on another food!).  We then walked around a bit and found this carnival game that was Pokemon themed ("Pokemon Water Gun Game" is what we labeled it, aren't we original lol).  We played one game and D2 won and got to pick out a prize and obviously the kids wanted to play again so we did and D1 won that game but was very very kind and let K pick out a prize instead.  We then went through a few stores ("Locker Room" and "Thrills are Wonderland") until around 9 when J declares that she is tired and needs to go back to the van to rest for a bit.  I was not impressed with this as that left me with all three kids and I am the disabled one with many health problems and she decides that she needs a rest!!!  The kids and I went to one more store, "Streetwear Ladies Fashion Apparel" (which was nothing like the name implies) and I found a cute little stuffed animal for my friend who is currently pregnant.  The kids then wanted to play "Pokemon Water Gun Game" again and funny enough, K won this game and gave his prize to D1 and even though they picked out the same stuffed animal, they changed animals so they got the one chosen from their winning game lol.  Around this time my cell phone rings and when I pick it up it's my mom.  She asks if we are almost home and I laughed saying we hadn't left yet and wouldn't be for at least another hour.  She was slightly shocked I think but said she would leave the door unlocked (realized then we didn't have a house key).  We then stopped off at a little souvenir kiosk as D1 hadn't got himself a souvenir yet then headed back to the front area so we could get a good seat for the light show.  We were only there a few moments before "Starlight Spectacular" started at 10 and was really entertaining and the kids loved it.  All through this time I had been texting J to see where she was as I thought she was supposed to be meeting us to see it but kept getting no reply so gave up.  We stayed a few minutes after the light show to see all the fountains light up in different colours which was really pretty before heading back the final time to the van.

We got back to the van around 10:30 and got things organized for the trip home.  Made sure all the kids had used the bathroom, everyone had a drink, a comfy place where they could sleep (we hoped!) and snacks in case they wanted anything to eat.  J was going on about how tired she was and she even stopped off at Tim Horton's and got herself something to drink (didn't ask if anyone else wanted anything which was annoying and I wasn't in the best of mood with her at that point).  I told her that if she was too tired to just let me know (and get me out of the heavy traffic of the city) and I would drive the rest of the way home.  I figured she would just brush it off and keep driving as that was part of the agreement of her doing the driving.  But after about 1.5 hours she was obviously tired so we pulled over and I took over driving the last hour home.  We got back to nan's and sent D1 and D2 back to their place to go to bed, J went home and K and I went in to nans.  K didn't even change his clothes and just fell into bed sound asleep (both him and D2 slept the majority of the way home, D1 listened to his iPod so it was nice and quiet).  Of course, lovely POTS issues as they are, I was wide awake.  Was on an adrenaline high so even though we got home around 1:15am, I didn't end up falling asleep until 3am which meant I had been awake for 20 hours straight!!  It was a very good day and surprisingly I didn't suffer all that much from it which was a definite bonus.  More about our holiday week in the next post or so.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Fun Part 1 - Concert Weekend

Every year my town (well the biggest town next to it) holds a music festival for a weekend.  Generally we end up with quite a few big name artists coming and when I found out that Hedley would be here this year I knew that I was not going to miss it! Really regretted not going to Marianas Trench last year, wasn't doing that again.  The big question was - who was I going to go with.  When tickets went on sale that was not a big question though and I went and bought two VIP tickets as I knew I could find someone to go with.  At first K (10 year old nephew) thought that he might like to go with me but quickly backed down for some reason.  So I sent my friend S (went to university together and hadn't seen each other for three years at this point, though we kept in contact through MSN and emails) a message and asked if he wanted to go. He wrote back that he hadn't heard of them (What?!?!?) but would love to go.  So I sent him the list of the other performers for the weekend and he wanted to go see The Offspring too so I bought tickets for those, though not VIP because they were quite a bit more money being the night headliner concert (Hedley was the afternoon show).

I guess I should explain what VIP means at this festival (No I am not going to give the name of the festival as I like to keep a little anonymity on this blog as it is quite personal - but it wouldn't be hard to figure out if you really really wanted to).  The stage is set up in the front (obviously) and then the audience section is divided into two equal parts - the licensed part (over 19) and unlicensed (for underagers or family).  Right in front of the stage (about to where the sound and lighting booths usually are) is divided into a further four sections total and that is the VIP area.  With VIP you get closer to the stage (obviously), your own beer tents, washrooms, separate entrances and places that you can sit down.  The worst VIP 'seat' is still closer than the best General Admission 'seat'.

So I picked S up from the train station late friday night.  We got home and basically talked for a short time then went to bed as he was tired from work and then the 5 hours on the train.  Saturday we spent a lot of time with K which was really neat to watch.  We took S under the bridge to see the boat races that were going on, to the fish hatchery, to get french fries and to just walk around.  At one point K wanted to go down to the little 'beach' area but you had to climb down these big rocks laid out like stairs and I knew that I just couldn't do it so S told him to come and K followed him down.  S showed him how to skip rocks on the water and they looked for cool rocks and shells and just goofed around.  At one point S play shoved him and K almost lost his balance and S very quickly grabbed him so he didn't fall.  It was quite cute lol.  We then went all the way to the other side of town and went to play mini golf, which S won, K got second and I lost.  We stopped at the store and got some movies and then headed back home for supper.  After supper we watched the movies that we rented (Sherlock Holmes and Moneyball) and tried to get to bed semi-early as I knew it was going to be a VERY busy day the next day!

Before we left that morning dad had suggested that we take umbrellas as it was supposed to rain that day.  According to the list of 'unallowed items' on the website umbrellas would not be allowed so S and I just hoped for the best and headed out.  We stopped quickly at the variety store on the corner to take the movies back and we rented the second Sherlock Holmes for the next day to watch.  We drove into town and found a parking spot that didn't seem to bad (and was free) until we started walking and realized that we were on the absolute opposite side of the venue that we were supposed to be at.  It rained a few drops on and off while waiting and then just as we were about to line up I realized that I left my wallet in the van and that I definitely needed it.  Thankfully S told me to just grab a seat on the hill and that he would walk back and get it for me!  I would have been so beat if I had to do that trip another two times!

Once we got in we decided to walk around and see what was going on in the different sections (you could move from VIP to GA but not GA to VIP).  I found the merchandise booth and bought myself a Hedley t-shirt (and got a plastic bag - very important later!).  There was even a Ben & Jerry's both where you could get free samples, you can't turn down free ice cream :)  The first act, USS, came on around this time and during their set (lasted about half an hour) S and I just kept edging our way closer to the stage.  After their set we went and got some drink tickets and got a drink (pop for me, beer for S) and went back to the stage area.  It kept raining a bit on and off during this time but not too had.  It was funny when Big Wreck took the stage as all the licensed side knew the songs but none of the under-agers did so they basically played to the 19+ crowed.  I knew most of the songs and they did quite a lengthy set of about 45 minutes.  As I had to buy two drink tickets (one ticket got one alcoholic beverage or two non-alcholic drinks) I went back to the booth and got some water, thankfully the lady there let me keep the lid briefly so I could put in my squeezy electrolyte juice in to keep dehydrated.  I then had to give it right back to her as they wouldn't let lids in the audience (they can be projectiles I guess).  When I got back to our 'spot' in the crowd it soon after started to massively rain.  We got completely drenched and I was very lucky that I had bought a t-shirt.  Why? Because I got a plastic bag to carry it in!  So I put all my stuff (wallet, phone, camera etc) and Scott's phone into the bag and tied it up because everything in my purse was drenched (it was a canvas material purse).  A few minutes later we got poked on the shoulder and these two girls behind us begged me to put their phones and cameras in the bag too, which I had enough room for so I did of course.  The set was delayed for 45minutes so started at 3:45 instead of 3.  To make things easier for me I am just going to post the setlist and the few notes that I made during / after the concert instead of typing them all up.  So here it is:

• One life
• 321 /On my own / Streetfight
• She's So sorry
• Bullet for Your Dreams
• For The Nights  I Can't Remember**[Jake on Piano]
• Hands up (Space Oddity Verse)
• Sweater Song [[Jake's Favourite Song]]
• Stormy**[Jake on Piano]
• Invincible
• Kiss You Inside Out
• Hot Mess
• Old School
• Don't Talk To Strangers
• [[Special time of year , 3/4 band summer b-days, no gifts throw what's in your hands on stage, best birthday is goody bags, band played "Beat It" while Jacob shot T-Shirts out of a cannon]]
• [[Band Intro - Tommy from Hometown]]
• Don't Talk To Strangers
• Never Too Late
[[Encore- "throw me all your pennies!!]]
• Cha-Ching

As we were leaving the VIP area, Jacob comes out from backstage on a Segway and gets stuck in the mud pit and managed to fall off not once but twice.  Security VERY quickly grabbed him and yanked him back stage again. We waited a bit at gates to see if they were going to sign autographs but some band members left in a van so we gave up on that and headed to the van to get semi-dry.  Got to the van and emptied out all our pockets and found some blankets and stuff to sit on.  I called home quickly to see if they had had supper yet (they had) and to let them know we were coming home to get changed.  My dad just laughed and said "Well you lasted a lot longer than I thought you would!".  We drove home (about a 20 minute drive!), got in the house and my mom just looked at us and laughed.  She asked if S was allergic to any soaps or not and told us just to throw all our clothes in the tub and she would take care of them.  We quickly got changed (and I had to find another purse to use) and decided to go and quickly grab a bite at Taco Bell where I ran into an old friend who also was at Hedley so it was nice to see her even though I think S talked to her more as my mind was just not working because of all the stuff going on (pain, tiredness, dehydration etc).  We went back into town and this time, since my legs were already painful, I decided that we were going to pay for parking so I didn't have to walk as far.  It wasn't bad as we parked at the Humane Society for $10 and basically parked right at the end of the venue.  Basically as soon as I parked the car the rain came pounding down again.  Since we didn't really care about the first opening act we decided to just sit and rest for a few minutes and wait for the rain to die down.

The rain finally stopped so we headed into the venue.  Papa Roach had already started but I didn't mind.  You could barely understand a word that he said and every other word out of his mouth was a swear word, which I found wrong at a 'family friendly' festival.  I think I only recognized one or two of their old songs.  S and I walked around a bit and went to the merchandise stand again where I bought a Simple Plan key chain and necklace (didn't know if K would want something as he likes a few of their songs so I bought two souvenirs).  For some reason they put Simple Plan as the second opening act which has nothing to do with Papa Roach before them or the Offspring show after.  Because of this a lot of people left after Papa Roach so S and I were able to slowly get close to the barrier dividing VIP from GA. Simple Plan came on and were pretty good and after a while a lady went by the front of the barrier once handing papers to a bunch of people which made it so that I was right at the barrier and S (who is quite tall) was right behind me.  about 2/3rd of the way through Simple Plan's 45 minute-ish set the lady comes back through and hands me a free upgrade to VIP!  However because S was behind me, he didn't get one.  A younger man was walking behind the lady and I called him and asked if I could get another one for S.  He looked at me, then looked at S and smiled and handed me another ticket.  So we both got VIP upgrades (about $100 worth) free for the headline show!.

We grab a couple of drinks along the way and head up to the VIP section.  Because Simple Plan was still on, it wasn't too crowded and we were able to get really close to the stage.  The Offspring finally comes on around 10pm (was supposed to go on at 9), and starts in on their 90 minute set.  However, there was a downside to VIP.  The section became a full on mosh pit with crowd surfing and fighting.  Mosh Pit + EDS = Very Very Bad!!! At one point a crowd surfer came our way and ended up falling on me.  S was very concerned especially when I told him that I was okay, my shoulder dislocated but went right back in.  S then went in to full on protector mode.  He made sure to keep himself between me and the rowdy guys, would take my arms and move me out of the way, and he probably got a lot more bruises protecting me than I actually did!  However it wasn't all bad, the show was really quite good and I was surprised that I knew a lot more of the songs that they did than I thought they did.  It rained through the show a bit as well so thankfully even though I was absolutely drenched in sweat, everyone else was also drenched because of the rain lol.  I enjoyed the show but also was starting to hope that it wasn't going to be too long as my legs were really starting to hurt. 

At the end of the show we were able to get back to the van quickly because of our parking spot and actually were able to see the band's tour bus exiting the venue.  There was so much traffic that we just sat in the van for a bit and got a drink and finally made my move to get out of the parking area.  After a good deal of time, and lots of police directing traffic, we finally got back to my house around 12:30.  We talked for a little bit and then I went to have a quick shower and headed to bed yet don't think I even fell asleep until 2am :S

On the Monday, S 'let' me sleep in a few extra hours.  I hadn't planned to but I guess after he told mom about the show the night before (and said he felt bad that I got pushed around so much in the mosh pit) they kind of decided together to let me get a bit more sleep which was really really nice.  After getting some food and figured out what we were going to do that day, we went and watched Sherlock Holmes 2.  Well more accurately, S watched SH2, I probably saw about 50% of it in short segments.  We then went out back and S and K went for a swim (I decided to stay out since I could barely walk!!!) then we had some supper and it was time for me to take S back to the train station so he could get home.  We swore that this time we were not going to let three years go without seeing each other!  After he got on his train, I had a few last minute errands to run as we were heading out the next day on another adventure!!