Monday, January 6, 2014

December 19th - CT Scan

After last appointment I figured it would be in to January before I got a date for my CT Scan but I was wrong! I got a call on the tuesday asking if thursday would be okay for an appointment.  Of course I said yes as I was glad that I could get it over with before the holidays.  I got nervous when she told me I wasn't allowed to have anything to ear for two hours before the test as I knew this meant that it would be done with contrast.  I have only every had one other CT scan before and it was on my knee and no contrast was used.  I don't like not knowing what is going on!

Mom had things to do that day with it being so close to Christmas so it was agreed that my Dad would take me in as we didn't know how I would be after or if I would be okay to drive (we err on the side of caution with that, if I am having basically any testing done someone comes with me).  We got there and waited and waited then got called to another room and waited some more.  Finally the nurse comes to get me to start the IV.  I had left my Dad with my iPod and he was trying to play a game.  I gave the nurse the run down of EDS and what was going on.  She tells me that they have to do the IV in the right arm and I told her that was okay, just do it in my hand.  She was just about ready to start and Dad pops up over the divider asking how to turn off the iPod, she laughed at that.  She inserted the IV needle in a way that has never been done on my before.  She had my arm on the armrest and my hand hanging down over the end at a 90* angle then inserted the needle up and in almost near my wrist.  Then she tapes it up and tells me to wait some more.  Of course I am terrified to move in case it comes out and I don't want to look at it so it felt like we were waiting for a long time!

I get called back and they tell me they are going to do some scans without contrast and then someone would come in and insert the contrast and they would do some more scans.  They told me to not worry but when they insert the contrast it will feel as if I peed my pants!  I wasn't to sure about that and was glad I had gone to the bathroom first!  They told me that no one ever has peed themselves it's just what it feels like.  So I got up on the bed, had to ask for a pillow to put under my knees as they don't really do straight and got comfy.  They did some of the scans then I felt someone beside me grabbing my hand and could instantly feel the contrast.  It felt so weird!  They did a few more scans and I was out.  They removed my IV and told me I had to wait there for 10 minutes before I went home.

It was another day of feeling crappy so I just went to bed to lie down for a while.  That was weeks ago but I still have the bruise! I look really festive in Christmas pictures with my nice big green bruise covering most of my hand!  I haven't been back to get the results yet but hopefully I can get in soon and we can figure out something to do about my neck!!

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